Reflexions aboard the train of life

About the train of life

And the little train goes “ding ding ding ding”!

Puffing and crawling towards its destination, the train ushes forward in search of passengers who want to experience a powerful and stimulating journey. At each stop, it waits patiently for guests to climb aboard. Loaded with backpacks, boxes, and suitcases, people hurry to pick a window seat, hoping to admire the surroundings without obstruction.

As your journey begins, you admire the scenery as the train passes through villages and large cities. Allowing your thoughts to dissipate, you notice the majestic trees swaying from side to side, the beautiful animals grazing in the fields, children laughing in a playground and partners holding hands as they walk, simply enjoying each other’s company.

You find yourself getting emotional as you understand how complicated your life has become. Stress has become an obstacle to achieving your goals. Work and family life has become a struggle, and the joy you once felt has decreased or vanished altogether. You find yourself out of balance and you wonder how to feel whole again. As the train approaches yet another stop, you decide to close your eyes and refocus on what once made you happy.

Bursts of positive memories come flooding back; and, as you identify the joyful events of your life, you realize that you felt the most at peace when you made time for yourself. Maybe it was the time you took an hour’s hike in a national park two years ago, or when you set a goal to run and finish a marathon, or when you prepared and cooked yourself an incredible meal!

The train continues its journey, ringing its bell “ding, ding, ding, ding”, and picks up speed. The villages now in the distance, you decide to turn your attention to your surroundings. Most people on the train are in complete contemplation, quiet and distant. You wonder what these people are thinking, but then you decide to focus on how you feel instead. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s that you want to stay in your happy bubble.

As the train approaches its destination, you suddenly realize the journey was in fact powerful. It stimulated your emotions, your thoughts, your dreams, and your senses. It gave you a new way of thinking and how living in the present moment may be the way to a happier you.

No matter where you are on your life journey, keep it simple. When things get complicated and you feel too much stress, simply focus on the present. The ride, the scenery, the positive memories…smile! All is well.


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