Educational relations

Universyn offers you a range of specific services for the relational sphere (an extension of family relationships).

Education and its various aspects are the cornerstone of the future, not only of yours, but also of humanity. That is why Universyn pays special attention to it.


Preschool Family Education

For educators
This is the "sponge age", where most of the challenges and difficulties of adulthood are rooted. This is the critical period when conformism, values, self-recognition and imitation pedagogy take root. It is therefore essential to use a proactive pedagogy based on the child's deep and manifested being and to educate (set the path) in an energy of extension and not constriction.

For the children
To help and support them in the development of curiosity, the pleasure of learning, the mastery of behavior, autonomy and self-esteem.

Education in primary and secondary schools

For educators (school and parent partners)
The importance (and the drafting) of an educational project, practicing union and synergy, nourishing the spirit of discovery (especially through kinesthetic games, mutual aid and joy) and taming the space-freedom.

For youth
To develop discernment, collegiality, team building, self-management and willpower.


Post Secondary Education

For educators (school and parent partners)
The importance (and the drafting) of an educational project, self-management in education, the exercise of freedom, discernment, the shaping of being, understanding power and what freedom is.

For adolescents
The relationship between society and my being, the importance of continuing education as an adult, taming conformity, self-fulfillment, self-management and the"life mission."

Building the "Personal Growth Plan"

Learn the basics of what it takes to develop an exciting life by nurturing deep needs, learn how to get in touch with sacred individuality (the freedom of being, understanding the dimensions of being, the school of life and the flight of the eagle).

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