Family dynamics

Universyn offers you a range of services to accompany you in the cell at the core of your universe of action and realization of your life: the family. Whatever its structure or its components, the family is the "heart" that vivifies, gives rhythm, animates and oxygenates your life. It is a fundamental interactive group from which the vast majority of the relationships (within or outside of it) will be born and develop as the fabric of your life.

Our services cover all relational aspects related to the family environment:

  • The couple at all ages
  • Relationships with children, education and support
  • Family relationships
  • Societal relations: with the family, with work, with social life
  • Crisis situations and how to resolve them

Communication, respect and unity

Program for couples

This program is dedicated to couples who wish to implement a dynamic of growth and strengthening of their union which is similar to personal growth. This program is a process of understanding, enhancing and strengthening the bond of love by actualizing the experiences, goals and various personal and couple aspects along the maturing path of life. For more information, please contact us!
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Family peace and harmony

Family harmony program

This program is dedicated to families who wish to maintain or to regain peace and harmony within the family bubble. It includes six (6) one hour coaching sessions split between the parent(s) or head(s) of the household, three (3) personal growth modules and three (3) one-hour coaching sessions divided amongst the children enrolled in the program. After the initial analysis, a personalized plan, including concrete steps to restore peace and harmony in the family, will be implemented according to the priorities of the participants. A follow-up meeting with the family will be held three (3) months after the end of the program to ensure that family harmony is maintained. Monthly differal payment plans available. Contact us for more information!
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Armed for Greatness

A program for single parents

This program is designed for the single parent who wants to rebuild their self esteem, their confidence, and their family before, during or after a separation. It includes eight (8) one hour coaching sessions in which valuable tools are provided to help an individual and the children cope with the new changes. Aspects of this training include, but are not limited to, forgiveness, confidence, self esteem, becoming the parent you want to be. Techniques are offered to identify the elements of a healthy relationship, and how to heal the wounds of a broken heart. Armed for Greatness is an on-demand coaching process. This program is flexible, the participant decides the frequency of the meetings. Exercises and modules will be provided, and a coach is available 7 days a week to answer any questions. Monthly payment deferral plans are available. Contact us for more information!
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