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  • "Christine has been a great help in my personal development, both professionally and personally. She has always been an excellent listener, but also an observer of my behaviors, without judgment. She knew how to guide me by giving me positive and constructive comments and tools, but she also knew how to comfort me with her wise and compassionate words. Today, I can say that Christine has greatly contributed to making me spread my wings and fly! Thank you".


  • "I really liked her book, Armed for Greatness, and it led me to make several reflections.  For me it's a first.  I have never until today, read a book in its entirety probably because I could not sustain any interest but with her book, I take advantage of every free moment to read a few chapters and I have almost finished it.  Thank you, I learned many principles and theories that I didn't know.  I recommend it to everyone."


  • "Christine helped me gain confidence in myself both professionally and personally. Her open ear and non-judgmental approach helped me learn to open up. I developed a side of me that today makes me proud."


  • "Christine has been with me through some difficult times and has helped me a lot to see things more clearly."


  • "I really needed to say thank you for bringing this insight into my life with your book. I am used to reading a lot about this type of subject, but you are the first one who explained how to concretely erase my memory card. This is something I will do at least once a year. Thank you."



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Universyn is a company dedicated to harmony and synergy in the world of relationships. Its purpose is to create, implement and expand the winning conditions that optimize the quality of relationships with one's self and with others.

Universyn invests in strategies that promote freedom, joy, human growth and happiness. Its objective, anchored in the union and synergy created by differences, is to contribute significantly to the growth of all its partners, thus embodying its slogan: "Together we are ONE".


Harmony - Optimization - Completeness - Universality - Success


Synergies – Unity – Diversity – Integrity


First and foremost, synergy (the added value), as we like to say, is when 1 + 1 makes at least 3, if possible 4, or even 5... and we have not set any limits!

Secondly: the union which reflects the reality of the visible and invisible universes: everything is one, everything is interrelated, everything is the result of the conjectures of all the possibilities.

Then, the unavoidable consequences of the first two values, diversification, and differentiation: synergies result from the creative combination of diversifications, differentiations and contradictions (which are only contradictory from one's point of view: two seemingly opposing forces make the wheel turn! We call this a couple!).

Finally, integrity, this deep awareness that there can be no "losers", at every moment the relational combination is optimal to maintain the balance; this is only possible in the integrity of each party, because it is only in honesty, uprightness, openness that the equilibrium is created.


By 2024, Universyn will have largely started the deployment of its training and coaching offer in relational management, both online and face-to-face (on a national and international level), according to four strategic axes:


Relationships in the workplace: act to establish effective and harmonious work relationships by:

  • Promoting human resource management by competency profiles;
  • Guiding strategies for cultural change;
  • Intervening in approaches to improve the work environment.


Relationships with oneself: acting with individuals or groups of individuals to promote freedom and growth by:

  • Guiding the knowledge and discovery of the various non-material and material aspects of being;
  • Organizing meetings and workshops to enable participants to receive guidance in expanding and experiencing mindfulness;
  • Providing references, links, resources, and advice on how to break free from enslaving and alienating conformism.


Educational relations: to act with all environments involved in the various forms of education (school, institutional, industrial, commercial, entrepreneurial) by :

  • Helping or guiding the development of educational projects focused on the skills and knowledge-action required to educate and the know-how required to instruct;
  • Helping, sensitizing, accompanying, developing approaches and programs of permanent education as well as learning communication techniques;
  • Developing training tools that promote the principles of autonomy, discernment, communication, solidarity, organization, management, and leadership in all environments that wish to adapt to the paradigms of the third millennium.


Family Relations: act in collaboration with families to create environments of harmony, serenity and growth by:

  • Educating, guiding, informing and counseling couples on the relational behaviors required to create nonviolent and harmonious communications as family, lovers, educators and beings; -
  • Raising awareness, guiding, informing on education, its principles and fundamental values (to be differentiated from those of the teaching) to optimize the development of the child;
  • Raising awareness and working with the family group to build a healthy, serene, stimulating and nurturing environment while respecting individual differences.


The name Universyn reflects the organization of the creative process: at the beginning a consciousness generating a wish, a desire; this then stimulates the synergy of thoughts and emotions (syn) which can then join in the union, the fusion, the interrelation (uni), which then allows the manifestation of a universe!

The principles and values that are the foundation of Universyn can be found in its grounding in "Naturotactics.", an approach presented by Paul Dumetz in his book "Wabee, the visionary"

(Ed. Veritas 2015):
"Naturotactics is a systematic approach that studies the principles and laws used by nature in order to apply them analogously to the various spheres of human activity. Naturotactics considers that nature implements the best management and organizational practices to achieve success. Using, transposing and adopting these best practices is a recipe for success."

Principles : Union

Our team

Paul Dumetz

Paul Dumetz is a speaker, a communicator, a motivator, a trainer and an integrator with an uncommon verve. His humor, his wisdom, his humility and his simplicity surprise, but never leave anyone indifferent. His spiritual and personal journey, his curiosity, his vast experience allow him to present an integrating point of view linking spirituality, symbolism, sciences, experiences, and reflections always obeying the same common denominator: to seek and discover the harmony supporting all aspects of life, of the world and of humanity. Recognized as a specialist in the field of competency management, synergistic leadership, and entrepreneurial culture, he is often asked to share his innovative vision in these areas. His interventions have taken him to Europe, Africa, Asia and of course Canada. A citizen of the world, Paul Dumetz is an adept of the richness of diversity in the harmony of universal unity. Founder of Universyn, whose slogan is "TOGETHER we are ONE", his crusade for the synergy of diversity in unity opens a refreshing perspective that brings a renewed and harmonious vision of collective and individual fulfillment.

In "Wabee le visionnaire", in novel form, Paul shows how to tap into the inexhaustible wellspring of success strategies used by nature and translate them into everyday life.

"Chanter en travaillant", his latest book, is a cry from the heart and from reason to increase all wealth by rehabilitating the place and role of the human being in the workplace.

No matter what path you take in life, Paul will offer you a surprising and original, but certainly enriching insight!

His book (available in French only) can be purchased on Amazon

Christine Denis
Senior Associate

A leader in the field of administration and transformation specializing in personal development, Christine is an author of two books, "Armed for Greatness", which won two awards at the Third Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards in California, USA, and "I Just Want Peace: 12 Steps to Creating a Peaceful Life," a guide for single parents.

Christine has over 30 years of experience in the field of administration and justice. She was, until recently, the Clerk of the Court for a municipal court for over 18 years. Although her primary role was operational management, one of her most successful projects was implementing a workplace wellness program for approximately 100 employees.

An activist for change, speaker and Reiki teacher, Christine consciously transformed her life after spending 20 years in the abuse cycle. She underwent an intensive and profound personal development program.

As a Reiki practitioner and Master teacher, she uses her talents to bring about mental calm, overall well-being, and inner peace. Through the practice and teaching of Reiki, she invites you to journey into the heart of who you are, your emotions and your inner self.

As a speaker, trainer, coach and change facilitator, her mission is to promote wellness and personal, relational, and professional growth. She does this by using her strength and light to heal the wounds of the heart and soul.

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